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During your short stay at Katakolon Port choose one of our quality and value for money Taxi Katakolon Tours from Katakolon Port, Greece to Ancient Olympia or ask for your own a tailor-made excursion.
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Tsaparas Tours, Taxi Katakolon to Ancient Olympia

Hello cruisers,

Are you looking for the best quality Taxi Katakolon tour from Port to Ancient Olympia? Our long term experience in delivering the best possible private taxi tour services and comfort according to any circumstances. Thousands of happy cruise customers is our proof. You will make the most during your short or longer stay in greater Katakolon area and Olympia city.

At the same time we offer the best possible value for money and quality combination with tailor made taxi services charges and price offers. Moreover, we will be happy to assist you to any of your special wishes and inform you on the best solutions that address your needs.

Our taxi services from Katakolo Port of Elis region, Greece are provided with safe and luxurious cars, mostly E class Mercedes Benz. Our polite drivers are efficient in communicating with the English language. See our Covid 19 health & safety protocols.

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Most Popular Taxi Katakolon Tours to Olympia

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Olympia Quick

3 hours private taxi tour
  • Katakolon - Anc. Olympia Taxi
  • Enjoy with a quick visit
  • Explore Archaeological Site
  • Visit Museum
  • Extras: Wi-Fi and free gifts
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Olympia Advanced

4 hours private taxi tour
  • Katakolon - Anc. Olympia Taxi
  • Explore Archaeological Site
  • Visit Museum
  • Winery or Beach visit
  • Extras: Wi-Fi and free gifts
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Olympia Extended

6 hours private taxi tour
  • Katakolon – Anc. Olympia by Taxi
  • Explore Archaeological Site
  • Visit Museum
  • Choose two more locations
  • Extras: Wi-Fi and free gifts
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Your Own Tour

Time varies on tour
  • Port Katakolon various Tours
  • Visit Ancient Sites
  • Visit Museums
  • Create your own tours
  • Extras: Wi-Fi and free gifts
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Our drivers will make an excellent tour

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A great day with Takis

Hello cruisers. Depending on the time you have available we can help to make the most of your visit. You can make any last minute changes you wish and we guarantee a secure timely return to the port. You need a minimum of 3 hours tour to visit Olympia and have a quick tour. If you have more time available I would be happy to drive to other local popular excursions such as wineries, beach etc.

To make the most of your stay, you need a driver that will understand your needs and speaks fluent English language.
  • Your time is important
  • You need the best organization
  • To make the most of your stay
  • To visit the sites
  • And feel the civilization

Katakolon video

Katakolo Wikipedia, Video Acthypis tours.

Katakolo (Greek: Κατάκολο) is a seaside town in the municipality of Pyrgos in western Elis, Greece. It is situated on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Gulf of Kyparissia from the rest of the Ionian. It is 11 km west of downtown Pyrgos. The small village of Agios Andreas, which in ancient times was the natural harbour for Ancient Olympia, lies northwest of Katakolo. More info Wikipedia.

Tour to Olympia Museum

Olympia Video

The new Archaeological Museum houses the treasures of the Sanctuary of Olympia. It is about 300m from the center of the village Olympia through a new bridge of the river Kladeos. You have to walk for about 4 minutes to go to the Museum to the Archaeological Site. There are signs in Greek, English and German language everywhere to read the history. We can also provide during your visit the official books for the museum and site and of course will be there to assist in case is needed.