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Many locations to visit around Olympia

From Katakolon Port to Ancient Olympia

After your cruise ship arrival in Katakolo Port, for your convenience we have created two possible meeting points in order to meet us: the first is located at the exit of the port, while the second is inside the port facilities. You can see the detailed map.

Select the taxi tour that best suits your needs

You can select one of our private taxi tours to Ancient Olympia according to the time available to you: 3 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours, guided by one of our experienced and friendly drivers.

Depending on the type and the duration of your private taxi tour, we can also arrange for you a number of other local excursions. We can organize private visits to places like local Wineries, fine Beaches, Amphitheaters and some delicious taverns. We can also plan longer excursions to other historical local monuments, such as the Ancient Temple of Epikourios Apollo or the Chlemoutsi or Chloumoutsi or Medieval Castle.


The OLYMPIA LAND – LIAROMMATIS ESTATE family winery is located into the valley of the river Kladeos, 2 km from the heart of Ancient Olympia. This area belongs to the family for more than 150 years. The family owned a traditional small factory for raisins until 2008 when the building was renovated and in its place a modern winery was built. The owner, George Liarommatis had the knowledge on the wine production by his father. His dream was to build this winery in order to produce wine of high quality from local varieties, such as the white Roditis, Assirtiko and the red Agiorgitiko. The facilities of the winery are surrounded by the privately owned vineyards and olive trees.

The family is always there to welcome the visitors. After the welcoming the tour begins by walking close to the vineyards, continues to the production area and the cellar with the oak barrels. Finally the visitors, in the air-conditioned reception area, can taste all the varieties of our wine production, olive oil, olives and other delicacies. Visitors can find wine, olive oil, olives and other traditional home made products. Read more.

The MERCOURI ESTATE is located in the western Peloponnese, the plateau of the Ichthis Peninsula, near the village of Korakochori (the place of the crow). It is an old, large estate founded in 1864 by Theodoros Mercouris and until today it belongs to the same family. It has a long history in the production of wine, olive-oil and raisins. This tour differs from other excursions. It is recommended and visitors can have a guided tour provided by the winery plus an opportunity to taste several kinds of wine.

A full tour takes about 1 hour and 15 min or we can do a shorter for about 45 minutes, the secret is to avoid the busy tour routes. When the guides of the winery are busy we will be able to guide you into the winery. Read moreEntrance feesLocate on map the winery.




This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. White, sandy with crystal clear water organized beach with chairs and umbrellas, with no entrance fees. Close by are the restaurants where we can drive our customers for lunch on summer months. After swimming, you can enjoy your lunch by the sea, viewing the Ionian Islands. The Kourouta beach is located 30km north from the Katakolo port. It is about half an hour driving from Ancient Olympia. Locate on map



Probably this is the best sandy beach of the area at the base of a hill where the village of Skafidia is. Aldemar Resorts it is a popular destination for holidays and vacations for many tourists mostly from Europe and Greece. It is located 17 km north from the port. It is a 20 minute-drive from the port and about a 30 minute-drive from Olympia. The entrance for swimming is free but you have to pay in order to use the chairs and the umbrellas. There are also restaurants at the hotel. Read more Aldemar Resorts.  Locate on map.



The beach is a little bit rocky for swimming but it’s only 5 minutes from the port so many cruisers hire taxis to spend some time there. Locate on map.



The cultural scene of Greece has acquired a new theater of 3,700 seats. The theater is a copy in the form of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus it is located next to Olympia in the village of Floka at a distance of about one kilometer from the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, in the Floca (Flokas) district. This is a beautiful theater in a green hill with cypress trees and olives with stunning views and perfect natural acoustics. With 2 frames (19 rows down and 7 rows up), its last step radius reaches about 10.5 meters from the Theater Orchestra. There are concerts, festivals and plays of classical theater there during the Summer time. Read more.



On the way back to the Katakolo port we could stop at many instances to take some photos. One of these places is about 1km before the port where we could be able to drive the car on the beach. We can stop there to take some photos of the village of Katakolon and the boats in the background.



It’s something which we do quite a lot with our customers so definitely we recommend it to you. Many times we are driving them to local restaurants such as “Aigli” a clean local restaurant outside of touristy places with cheap prices. We need about an hour there. It is about 15 minutes driving from the Katakolo port and 20 minutes driving from Olympia.

Another restaurant mostly for summer months is at the beach Kourouta. Here you will enjoy your lunch by the sea. Lunch is served after 12.30pm till late and until is ready you can swim on the fine sandy beach. It is located 30km north from the port and we need half an hour driving from the port or from Olympia.

We could also visit other popular local taverns as well. A tavern is a typical Greek restaurant with traditional Greek cuisine. Usually this is a place where the food is cooked just before your lunch.



Many times our travelers ask us to drive them to local monasteries. There is a Nunnery about 7km out of the way driving to Olympia. The old church was built into the rock. Because was built on the top of the hill the view is incredible. We can visit it from 8am till 5pm.