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Duration: 3 hours private taxi tour
Location: Ancient Olympia, Greece
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Olympia is a famous ancient Greek sanctuary and the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. It is located in a relative short distance approximately 40km from Katakolon Port and about half an hour drive by taxi.

Ancient Olympia, is one of the most brilliant and most revered panhellenic Sanctuaries, dedicated to Zeus, father of gods and mankind, it is close to the western coast of Peloponnese located in the magic valley of the river Alfios, “in the most beautiful place in Greece” according to ancient orator Lysias.

The archaeological Site is located below the Kronion hill, where the small river kladeos joins the plentiful waters of the mythical river Alfios, in a place that even now is enriched with Olympic beauty and calm, there lays the sacred grove of Olympia, the sanctuary, known as the Altis.

The site is an easy walking place without many steps. There are lots of informative signs in Greek, English and German language in order to read. We can also provide for your use only during your visit the official books guides for the Site and the Museum. It will take about an hour to visit the site and one hour to visit the museum. If you are interested to have a licensed tour guide for the site while you visit it, we would gladly make arrangements for you.

The entrance for the adults is 12 € per ticket and is combined in order to visit the archaeological Site and the archaeological Museum. Entrance is free for children and till 18 years old. It is free for E.U. students with their student identity card. Visitors from the E.U. older than 65 can pay a half price ticket. It is open every day from 8am till 8pm the months between May to October and 8am till 5pm the rest of the year.

To summarize, during the three hours quick Taxi Tour from Katakolo Port to Olympia provided by us you can make the most of your day’s short visit to Olympia, the well known ancient sanctuary and the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

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Watch a Virtual Olympia Tour by Taernoc Productions. Experience by video the magic of Ancient Olympia.

Watch a short video to experience the visit of the archaeological museum in Olympia.

Olympia Quick Tour by Taxi

From Katakolon Port to Ancient Olympia

After your cruise ship arrival in Katakolo Port, for your convenience we have created two possible meeting points in order to meet us: the first is located at the exit of the port, while the second is inside the port facilities. You can see the detailed map.

Enjoy with a quick visit

One of the most common is to select the Ancient Olympia Quick 3 hours’ private taxi tour guided by one of our experienced and friendly drivers. There a lot of other possibilities during your visit in Katakolo Port. The Taxi Katakolon private taxi tours can provide you with all kinds of possible short or longer tours and excursions to a lot of local interesting places.

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Explore Archaeological Site

The Olympic Games were held in this place every four years throughout Classical antiquity period, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. The last Olympic Games were held in AD 393, before an edict of Theodosius I prohibited all festivals.

In AD 426 Theodosius II ordered the destruction of the sanctuary. In subsequent centuries the Alpheios and the Kladeos overflowed and together with landslips from Mount Kronios buried the site deep in mud and sand and it is not until 1766 that the ancient sanctuary was re-discovered. The today’s visitor can easily access the ancient Olympia site, which is an easy walking place without many steps.

Visit Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the most important museums in Greece. Presents the long history of one the most celebrated sanctuary of antiquity, the sanctuary of Zeus, father of both gods and men, where the Olympic Games were born. The museum’s permanent exhibition contains finds from the excavations in the sacred precinct of the Altis dating from prehistoric times to the Early Christian period.


Extras: free gifts for families

When you select one of our private taxi tours and excursions by Taxi Katakolon, you will have the chance to receive free of charge a range of gifts and other non chargeable free extras. These will depend on the type and the amount of people visiting by your group. For example all visitors will receive free Wi-Fi access while they are in the taxi, free use of official book guide and bottle of water. While families and couples could be eligible for some other extras such local suits and free ice cream for the younger ones.