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Dear visitors,

Because you travel on a cruise ship it very important that your driver is always available to your needs. Therefore, able to assist you in case of an emergency. You need a taxi driver who is able to organize your private taxi tour and schedule ahead. How you visit the places. How to avoid crowded areas and make the most of your short stay in Ancient Olympia. A driver who knows the history of the area. Likes his job. Finds this as an opportunity to communicate with interesting people from all over the world.

Takis Tsaparas Taxi Katakolon Tours has long term experience. He is delivering the best possible taxi services. He comforts according to any circumstances. Thousands of cruise customers is the proof that you will make the most, during your short or longer stay in greater Katakolon area and Olympia city.

At the same time we offer the best possible value for money and quality combination with tailor made services charges and price offers. Moreover, we will be happy to assist you to any of your special wishes and inform you on the best solutions that address your needs.

Our taxi services from Katakolo Port of Elis region, Greece are provided with safe and luxurious cars, mostly E class Mercedes Benz. Our polite drivers are efficient in communicating with the English language.

A Great Day with Takis – Taxi Driver


akis Tsaparas was born in Germany. In 1981 he moved back to Greece with family. He finished college studies in 1998 and then joined the Greek’s army NATO Forces. After ending his military service, he started his job as a taxi driver in Pyrgos, Elis, Greece. He has acquired a great deal of experience in driving a taxi and service his passengers at his best. He started working with George Letsios as a team in 2002.

In a short time they started serving passengers from cruise ships that arrived in Katakolo Port. This gave him a whole new dimension for his work. Therefore, meeting new interesting people. Having the opportunity to show them the beauties and the glorious past of the greater Olympia area.

Elena is the way to Go – Taxi Driver


lena was born in Pyrgos, Elis, Greece. After finishing the High School she started work as customer service assistant in local shops. As the time passed she started grow an interest for tourist related operations. As a result she learned to become a taxi driver and devoted much time to study the English language.

Today she is an excellent taxi private tour driver capable to make any visitor make the most of his or her excursion to Ancient Olympia and the other close by attractions in the area.

A team of dedicated Taxi Drivers


n the last few years, because of you and your wonderful reviews in Trip Advisor and elsewhere, Taxi Katakolon private tours were able to grow and serve more and more visitors from Port Katakolo, Greece. As a result we have created a taxi team that under our guidance and quality standards will be able to guide so to make the most of your tour to Olympia and more.

Our team consists of polite, English speaking drivers, who cooperate with several times when we need more taxis to accommodate bigger groups, highly experienced on private tours. They operate on our standards, under our advice. All of them driving with safe and luxurious cars.

Private Taxi Tsaparas Tours Excursions to Olympia:

Package includes Quick Advanced Extended
Duration: 3 hours private taxi tour 4 hours private taxi tour 6 hours private taxi tour
Primary Destination: Katakolon – Ancient Olympia Katakolon – Anc. Olympia Katakolon – Anc. Olympia
Visiting: Enjoy with a quick visit Explore Archaeological Site Explore Archaeological Site
Visiting: Explore Archaeological Site Visit Museum Visit Museum
Alternatives: Visit Museum Winery or Beach visit Choose two more locations

Private Taxi Tsaparas Tours to other Destinations:

Package includes Epikourios Apollon Chlemoutsi Fortress Your Own Tour
Duration: 6 hours tour 4 hours tour Time varies on tour
Primary Destination: From Katakolo Port to Bassae Port Katakolo to Chlemoutsi Port Katakolon various Tours
Visiting: Explore one of finest Temples Visit medieval castle Visit Ancient Sites
Visiting: Unique and rare features Visit Museum Visit Museums
Alternatives: Choose two more locations Choose one more location Create your own tour

Select the tour that will fit your special needs

If you want to make the most of your visit to Ancient Olympia and more, choose smartly and select a driver from Taxi Katakolon. Enjoy your visits with our experienced, polite and friendly drivers.

Taxi Katakolon private taxi tours can provide you with all kinds of possible short or longer tours and excursions to a lot of local interesting places.

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