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Learn 10 tips before you cruise on a ship

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10 cruising travel tips that will make getting to your cruise ship a breeze …

When it comes to cruising, there’s often a long slog between the time you lock your front door and the time you’re lying on the sun deck, umbrella drink in hand. Most cruisers fly or drive several hours to reach their embarkation port. The travel hassles are real, and the potential for crisis or chaos is great.

While we can’t beam you Star Trek-style from your home to your cruise cabin, we can offer 10 hacks to make pre-cruise travel a bit less fraught. Follow these tips, and you’ll be dining at the buffet or splashing in the pool in no time.

  1. Check In Early
  2. Arrive a Day Early and Book a Hotel Stay
  3. Dress in Layers
  4. Pack Your Carry-On Wisely
  5. Have a Transfer Plan
  6. Stop at the Supermarket Before Boarding
  7. Create a Documents Folder
  8. But Don’t Lose Your Mind If You Forget to Print Out Cruise Docs
  9. Arrive Late for Faster Check-In
  10. Be Prepared for the Paparazzi

By Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor, read more Cruise Critic