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Duration: 4 hours tour
Location: Ilis, Greece
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Chlemoutsi castle is a medieval fortress that played a central role in the Principality’s history, but it was never actually besieged. Therefore the fortification is a well preserved monument worthwhile to visit during your stay.

Map of the castle area Elis, Greece.


From Katakolon Port to Chlemoutsi Castle

After your cruise ship arrival in Katakolo Port, for your convenience we have created two possible meeting points in order to meet us: the first is located at the exit of the port, while the second is inside the port facilities. You can see the detailed map.

Visit one of the finest medieval fortifications

Chlemoutsi or Chloumoutsi Castle or Clermont or Castel Tornese was the most important castle of the Princedom of Achaia. It is a medieval castle in the northwest of the Elis regional unit in the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece, in the Kastro – Kyllini municipality.

It was built in the early 1220s by the Crusader rulers of the Principality of Achaea as their main stronghold, and is perhaps the finest fortification of the early period of Frankish rule in Greece preserved in the country today. The castle is located on a small plateau 226 meters (741 ft) above sea level, and comprises a central hexagonal keep, built around an inner courtyard and containing two-storeyed halls along its entire length, and complemented by an outer wall enclosing an outer yard on its western side. The castle is largely preserved in its original 13th-century state, with only minor later modifications for the installation of artillery.

The route

The castle is about 45 minute’s easy drive from the Katakolo port. To explore the castle and the local Museum you will need about 1 hour and 15 minutes. For this excursion we need at least 4 hours. We can combine this tour with more locations in this area. Locate on map.

More locations to visit

Depending on the type and the duration of your private taxi tour, we can arrange for you a number of other local excursions. We can visit places like the local Wineries, fine Beaches, Amphitheaters, delicious taverns.